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Youth Chapter Alumni

Hello all!

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for accessing this portal and I warmly welcome you to the newly established TKGS Youth Chapter. Our main aim is for the Youth Chapter to allow others to gain awareness about the flagship programmes of the TKGS Youth Alumni, garner support from ex-TKGians who are willing to volunteer in one way or another and also to hopefully increase the number of TKGians who are willing to be involved in the school’s programmes. Why stay connected? Because we are passionate about TKGS and we’re coming forward to share our knowledge and expertise simply because of how much we were impacted during our 4 years here.

Not forgetting of course that the TKGS Youth Alumni will be a subset of the existing TKGS Alumni. Essentially, the Youth Chapter is about connecting batches of TKGians who are passionate and eager to share with future batches of TKGians what being a TKGian means to them. We hope that this initiative will be able to renew friendships that were forged during secondary school days. With the launch of the Youth Portal titled “TKGS Truly”, we hope that this will serve as the main platform that will connect all our Youth Alumni members, contain important school updates and serve as a platform for sharing.

The Youth Chapter will consist of TKGians aged 17-35 and will be involved the chapter’s 3 key programmes, “Be Connected, Be a Mentor & Be a Volunteer”. Please refer the Youth Chapter Executive Summary for more details of these programmes.

We’re elated to be able to launch the TKGS Youth Chapter in conjunction with our school’s 60th anniversary celebrations! This really does mark a milestone in the TKGS history because we’re gathering like-minded youths to stay connected to TKGS by sharing their experiences, especially on career awareness and the various routes of tertiary education.

Leaving your contact details is easy. You can leave your contact details with us here on the TKGS Portal under “Contact Us” or also during the various school events such as Graduation Day or Prom Night.

The creation of this TKGS Youth Alumni is probably the best encapsulation of the TKGian spirit. However, we understand many of you are approaching various undertakings in your life, such as university, higher education or entering the workforce. Nevertheless, we sincerely hope that you will be able to support this new endeavour in any way that you can.

Five years down the road, we hope to see the TKGS Youth Alumni grow in numbers and most importantly, be a support system for ex-TKGians. This is the place to relieve the uniquely TKGS experience. You most certainly don’t need me to tell you what that is!

With warmest regards,

Vaishnavi Vasudevan

Head Prefect, Graduating batch of 2010

Youth Chapter Alumni Chairperson