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Our Favourite Stories

Dear members of the TKGS family,

We are currently compiling the TKGS narrative over the last 60 years and ensuring that this is preserved for future generations of TKGians. This can be in the form of photographs/anecdotes/poems/reflections etc which highlight what you cherish as a member of the TKGS family.

Your participation in this project will piece together a unique collection of the TKGS experience for sharing, teaching and savouring... Share a story and get connected to the growing network of TKGians!

* Please submit your stories according to the following tags:

  1. Places
  2. People
  3. Moments

1. Play a video on youtube.com or any other similar website.
2. On youtube, select the option to share the video present below the video and go to the tab for embedding videos. For other websites, look for similar options.
3. Copy the url listed after src field without quotes and paste it in the this form. For eg. in a code where src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/VOFvFeCTw0c", the url to be copied would be http://www.youtube.com/embed/VOFvFeCTw0c
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