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Make a Gift now

 TKGS Needy Pupil Fund

This Fund will provide opportunities for financially needy TKGians so that they are not disadvantaged as compared to their counterparts.  So far, the TKGS Needy Pupil Fund has provided TKGians with laptops for e-learning and online research, textbooks and assessment books, fees for student competitions/ enrichment classes, as well as providing additional funds for when such students are selected for local/ overseas learning journeys.



TKGS+ Fund

TKGS+ is Programme for Leadership, Understanding and Stewardship. TKGS offers a baseline curriculum that is focussed on helping students discover ways of learning unique to the various subject disciplines. They then take this further by applying their learning in real-world contexts such as research attachments and global perspective forums. At TKGS, we emphasize the need for students to develop good stewardship of their talents through the application of their learning in tackling and alleviating community problems. TKGS+ Fund makes it possible to support student advocacy. In short, TKGS+ marries academic excellence with service, and in the process develops TKGians to be 'Accomplished young women of character and grace'.

To give back, sign up as a mentor or offer attachment opportunities for current TKGians.  To Make a Gift, please donate to the TKGS+ Fund.


How to Make a Gift   blue-gift

Cheques, money or postal orders should be made payable to " Tanjong Katong Girls' School " and sent to:

c/o TKGS Finanical Manager
Tanjong Katong Girl's School
20 Dunman Lane
Singapore 439272


Please indicate at the back of your cheque, money or postal order the name of the fund that you wish to make the gift to.

If you wish to donate by cash, please come to the TKGS General Office during office hours (9.00am to 5.00pm; Mon to Fri except Public Holidays).

You will be issued a receipt to acknowledge your gift. 


To find out more about Make a Gift Now or to donate to any of the above-mentioned funds, please email TKGS Truly ( TKGSPartners@moe.edu.sg ).