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octacon_images.jpg TKGS Truly is our brand new Alumni portal and it is an integral part of the newly-launched 4 year Truly TKGS! curriculum. It will enable TKGians to share fond memories and treasured artefacts from their time at TKGS. These memories and artefacts will be preserved and used as teaching resources for generations of TKGians to come. Thus it is just as important for present TKGians to create history and build upon the TKGS identity as they journey through their time here in the school.

All TKGian staff are also encouraged to contribute to this portal as they certainly have a stake in the future of TKGS. Help build the TKGS community and forge a sense of identity in future TKGians through your contributions. This portal connects the growing network of TKGians.

Visit tkgstruly.tanjongkatonggirls.moe.edu.sg and start contributing your favourite stories and keepsakes today!