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Dr. Goh Ping Ping


Dr. Goh Ping Ping

Consultant Cardiologist and Echocardiologist

Diplomate, National Board of Echocariodography (USA)

Chief, Department of Cardiology, Changi General Hospital (2007 -2012)

Official spokesperson, Go Red For Women Campaign, Singapore

Student of TKGS, 1977 – 1980

          A second-time Prime Minister’s Book Prize winner in 1980, the year she graduated from TKGS, Ms Goh Ping Ping recalls the encouragement of then Principal Ms Bandara, who challenged her to aim for a third one. She duly did so in 1982, attributing it to Ms Bandara’s inspiring words, which spurred her onwards.

          An avid reader, the school field facing Haig Road held special memories for Ping Ping. It was where she found tranquillity and quiet corners to lose herself in books. She was from a Chinese primary school, and credited her classmates and school environment in helping her do well for English. She also joined the Art Club because of her interest in painting.  She feels privileged to have had the chance to study at TKGS and describes her years there as “enjoyable and rewarding”. Among the memories which stand out are the class dramas she was involved in.

          “My class came up with a play, Merchant of Venice, but modified and rewrote the script to make it more of a comedy. I wasn’t one of the actors but contributed by painting the sets. It was great fun! We bickered over the script, but our play went well and we were satisfied.”


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