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Mrs Audrey Liow


Mrs Audrey Liow

Regional Business Head, Nestle Singapore

Student of TKGS, 1972 – 1975

Chairman of TKGS School Advisory Committee

          “At that time the library was quite small. We had to source for, label and sort  the books. I remember the book shopping trips to the old MPH bookstore near the former National Library, and to Bras Basah. I managed a team of librarians then; it helped develop my leadership skills. We had a lot of fun holding barbecues and little parties for the librarians. I also received the best Chief Librarian Award. Now, when I go back to my mother’s place, I still see the trophy on the shelf.”

          Ms Audrey Liow believes that TK girls tend to possess confidence and eloquence aplenty. She should know, being an old girl who has thrived in the corporate world. Audrey also cites the dedication of her Second Language teacher in shaping her mastery of Mandarin, which proved a valuable asset years down the road, as she had to travel to China often for work.

          Audrey’s outlook on life and ideals of an educated person were also influenced by her time in TKGS. She feels that to be truly successful, sterling academic results alone is not enough; one also needs to be multifaceted and have exposure to life at large. She credits her education and experiences in TKGS for having prepared her well for working life.  


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