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Mrs Ruby Lim-Yang


Mrs Ruby Lim-Yang

Artistic Directorand co-founder, ACT 3 International

Student of TKGS, 1970 – 1973

          Mrs Ruby Lim-Yang’s interest in the arts was given free rein in TKGS. Values and skills such as Innovation, resourcefulness and the art of negotiation were also nurtured during her TKGS years.

           “We did everything ourselves; ‘spoon-feeding’ was an unknown word in the 1960s. It was when I learnt the art of negotiation, because, well, you know how hard it is to get things you want from your parents. But my mother was supportive. What we couldn’t borrow, we made. We didn’t have much money then.

           I remember not being able to afford the green cloth from S A Majid, so my mother sewed all my uniforms herself. I think it was a common practice among many students then. The school gave us a pattern,  which we could follow to sew the uniforms. But somehow, I  just couldn’t get the right hue of green – it was always two shades too dark.”

           Ruby also looks back fondly on the assembly performances. She animatedly describes how she and her friends would use torchlights in their plays, and how they would often borrow or make the props required for their performances. She credits the teachers’ hands-off approach for inspiring the students’ creativity.


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