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Mrs Tan Ching Yee


Mrs Tan Ching Yee

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health

Student of TKGS, 1977 - 1980

          Among Mrs Tan Ching Yee’s most deeply imprinted memories of TKGS were the assembly concerts. Her class concerts in Secondary 3 and 4 were the best, she says, because their teachers took a hands-off approach, giving the students the freedom to experiment. Ching Yee and her classmates threw themselves into the preparations with gusto; they rented the costumes from the People’s Association and asked their teachers for free periods to practise. 

            “The concerts allowed us to showcase our talents and work together as a group; we were then just 15, 16 years old, so it was a great learning experience. We also built up a solid team spirit via these activities. We were able to prove that we could do something well, and had tremendous fun doing it too!”

            Apart from the assemblies and her NPCC involvement, Ching Yee also loved the fun fairs. She even remembers the chin chow drink her class sold, and what they used to make it: sarsaparilla, vanilla essence, sugar concentrate and grass jelly. These shared experiences enriched her life as a TK girl, Ching Yee feels, and made her time there a meaningful and unforgettable one.


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