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Ms Tan Yen Yen


Ms Tan Yen Yen

Senior Vice President (Applications), Oracle Corporation,
Asia Pacific Division

Student of TKGS, 1981   1984

          Ms Tan Yen Yen has maintained her ties with TKGS though she graduated two decades ago. During the class reunions, she would reminisce over old times with her TKGS classmates and friends who have faithfully kept in touch despite the passage of time.

          “The concert hall, which hosted a weekly concert, was a place we liked. We also frequented Will’s Confectionery, where we tucked into our favourite chicken and sausage pies.”

          “There was a spot called the pigeon hole; it was a quiet corner big enough for people to sit in and chit-chat. We always looked out for places to hang out with friends.”

           Yen Yen was an outgoing student who joined the NCC, taekwondo, athletics and netball teams. Her people skills were cultivated from these ECAs, and her belief in their value made her encourage her children to take up sports as well.

          What were important life lessons she gleaned? The ability to perform under pressure, teamwork and a fierce competitive streak are some skills she cites, and which she has applied in her career with HP.


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